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Ozone treatment in medical centers, hospitals, clinics, dental and treatment rooms, hospital wards and corridors helps to maintain proper hygiene and prevent infection and contamination.

Ozone generator removes germs and bacteria in rooms housing the chronically sick persons. This prevents further infections as well reaches hard to reach and often neglected in disinfection places without leaving any by-products. Ozone also removes odors, which are often found in dental offices.

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Ozone Generator

Ozone generator helps you easily and effectively get rid of your environment:

  • nasty odors (tobacco smoke, perspiration, rotting, of animals, chemical, etc.),
  • household fungi and their spores,
  • various species of molds,
  • bacteria, mites and other pathogens and allergens,
  • scare off insects.

Ozonizer Ozonators

Ozonizer Ozonators

Our ozonizers are characterized by simple construction which guarantees maximum ease of use and high reliability

  • high flow of ozone
  • ease of use and reliability
  • high efficiency, good price
  • low operating costs
  • solid construction, durable design, quality and persistence
  • fast guarantee and postguarantee service
  • compliance with the latest CE standards

High durability of ozonators ensures lack of unnecessary electronics such as operating hours counters, timers or microprocessor controllers and affects their attractive prices.

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