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What is ozone treatment?

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Ozone treatment, so called ozonation, is a method of disinfection without chemicals where the biocidal factor is ozone, a gas with strong oxidizing properties.

Ozone treatment is an ideal way anywhere in the immediate human environment is required for microbiological purity and sterility and to obtain an environment free from undesirable odors and various pathogens.

Ozonation is an excellent and environmentally friendly method that not only sterilize areas where you are but will let you get rid of any unwanted odors from your surroundings. Ozonation is a safe method, and its main advantage is physical removal of all odors rather than masking them.

Ozone treatment of car and air conditioning: step by step

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One of the most common uses of ozone generator is ozonation of car to remove unpleasant odors . Regardless of whether you are dealing with cigarette smoke, musty / mold, spilled milk, or any other - using an ozonator, you can easily get rid of them if you follow a few standard procedures.

Step 1: Prepare for ozone treatment

Just as with any ozone treatment always start by removing  /  purify the source of the smell ! For example, if you are dealing with mold than mechanically clean the contaminated areas, if possible with the use of cleaning agents and / or fungicides. If you have a problem with rodents / insects than remove any nests, dead animals, their feces / urine that only you can find. If the source of the smell is stain  /  spill on the carpet or upholstery, pre-wash affected area or wash them completely.

Step 2: Set the ozonator

At this stage, you are ready to use ozone generator. Depending on the type of the ozonator, and the specific situation you can set it inside or outside the car. For many ozone generators (eg. For OZONIZER OZ-5 ) often easiest way is to set it inside the car , on the front passenger seat or armrest and connect to an extension cord. Extension can slip through the slightly opened window or door ajar.

If you are using ozonator, which has the ability to connect the ventilation pipe at the output of ozone then it can be set outside of the car. Ozone is then drawn into the interior of the car via said pipe that you need to enter through the slightly opened window. This generally requires that a user has found a way to seal the rest of the opened window, eg. using a wide masking tape, foam sheets or foil, etc.

Application and use of ozone

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Ozone is more likely and more widely used in various fields of life throughout the world. However, ozonation in Poland is still a new method but still comes its supporters. Most ozone is used to eliminate odors, combat allergens and as a disinfectant and bactericidal.

Ozone treatment is perfect where other traditional disinfection methods has failed. For example ozone in gaseous form reaches the most inaccessible places, which can not be decontaminated by other means. Ozone, a very strong disinfectant (50 times more effective than chlorine), is a substance whose use is almost limitless. Ozone, as very strong disinfectant (50 times more effective than chlorine), is a substance whose use is almost unlimited.

What is ozone, how it works?

  • ozone consists of three oxygen atoms
  • binding of the third atom of oxygen is extremely unstable
  • in a short time from creation ozone breaks down
  • released, single atom of oxygen, reacts strongly with its surroundings
  • ozone has a very strong antibacterial and virocidal activity properties
  • during decay destroys allergens, bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • ozone provides a total decontamination and elimination of odors origin of both organic and inorganic.

Ozonizer Ozonators

Ozonizer Ozonators

Our ozonizers are characterized by simple construction which guarantees maximum ease of use and high reliability

  • high flow of ozone
  • ease of use and reliability
  • high efficiency, good price
  • low operating costs
  • solid construction, durable design, quality and persistence
  • fast guarantee and postguarantee service
  • compliance with the latest CE standards

High durability of ozonators ensures lack of unnecessary electronics such as operating hours counters, timers or microprocessor controllers and affects their attractive prices.

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