OZONIZER ozone generators - produced in Poland by our company ozonators powered by ambient air. OZONIZER ozonators are high performance and ozone flow devices with good quality and reliability.

  • more electrodes producing ozone - up to 40% capacity
  • efficient cooling and high ozone flow provide the most powerful of available fans
  • durability and reliability - high voltage converters, each supplying only one, own electrode
  • 2 years warranty - guarantee and postguarantee service in Poland

Ozonizer Ozonators

Our ozonizers are characterized by simple construction which guarantees maximum ease of use and high reliability

  • high flow of ozone
  • ease of use and reliability
  • high efficiency, good price
  • low operating costs
  • solid construction, durable design, quality and persistence
  • fast guarantee and postguarantee service
  • compliance with the latest CE standards

High durability of ozonators ensures lack of unnecessary electronics such as operating hours counters, timers or microprocessor controllers and affects their attractive prices.

Ozonator design

  • Ambient air flows through the ozone electrodes inside the ozonator's housing
  • air flow provides oxygen needed for ozone production ooling electrodes and distributes ozone in treated room,
  • each electrode is powered by one, dedicated high-voltage converter so that the ozonator is extremely durable and does not crashes,
  • powerful fan creates high ozone flow ensuring good cooling.

Ozonator Efficiency

OZONIZER ozonators and efficiency

Ozonators efficiency we determine based on data of producer of ozone electrodes that emit corona discharge and are at the heart of our ozonators.

We use two types of electrodes with nominal capacities of 3.5 g/h and 5 g/h:

  • OZONIZER OZ-5 - 2 electrodes 3.5 g/h (7 g/h)
  • OZONIZER OZ-7 - 2 electrodes 5 g/h (10 g/h)
  • OZONIZER OZ-14 - 4 electrodes 5 g/h (20 g/h)

Ozone efficiency may vary depending on the conditions of use, in particular oxygenation, humidity, pollution and air temperature.

Our customers

OZONIZER ozonators are eagerly bought by:
  • owners of houses and flats
  • workshops and car washes
  • construction and cleaning companies
  • hotels and pensions
  • transportation companies
Customers like, above all, performance, ease of use and reliability of ozonizer ozonators.
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