Electrode for ozonator OZONIZER 28

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Incl. 23 % TAX
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Product description

A spare electrode for the ozonator OZONIZER 28. Corona discharge emitting electrode.

  • ozone output: 3.5 g/h
  • dimensions: 120 x 50 mm
  • material: nickel-tungsten paths embedded in ceramics
  • assembly requires soldering
  • long-life version
  • price is for 1 piece (1 x 3.5 g/h)
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Ozone Generator

Ozone generator helps you easily and effectively get rid of your environment:

  • nasty odors (tobacco smoke, perspiration, rotting, of animals, chemical, etc.),
  • household fungi and their spores,
  • various species of molds,
  • bacteria, mites and other pathogens and allergens,
  • scare off insects.

What is ozone, how it works?

  • ozone consists of three oxygen atoms
  • binding of the third atom of oxygen is extremely unstable
  • in a short time from creation ozone breaks down
  • released, single atom of oxygen, reacts strongly with its surroundings
  • ozone has very strong oxidizing properties
  • during decay, ozone oxidizes allergens, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens and many chemicals
  • ozone provides decontamination and elimination of odors origin of both organic and inorganic.
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