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OZONIZER 7 ozonator with output of 7 grams of ozone per hour is a small ozone generator suitable for needs of a car workshop, air conditioning service or a carwash . Ideal for ozonation of car cabins and air-conditioning and various rooms up to 100m 3 .

The use of modern technology - the effect of corona discharge allowed to obtain high performance of the ozonator maintaining its compact size. The heart of OZONIZER 7 are corona discharge ceramic electrodes emitting ozone and high-performance, high-voltage, air-cooled high-voltage inverters.

Modern technology and the use of top quality components ensure hi ozone output and long lifetime of the ozonator. Our ozone generator provides you with professional and effective execution of ozonation and satisfaction with the work done.

  • ozonation of cars and rooms up to 100 m 3 (40 m 2 at a height of 2.5 m)
  • ozone output of 7 g / h  (7,000 mg / h) guaranteeing the achievement of a threshold concentration of ozone in a short time,
  • ozone flow within the 190 m3 / h - durable fan with ball bearings
  • 2 ozone electrodes with a total nominal capacity of 7 g / h (2 x 3.5 g / h)
  • long lifetime of ozone electrodes - up to 4 years when used for 4 hours per day
  • low failure rate - each electrode of the ozonator is self-powered with own high-voltage converter
  • easy electrode replacement without soldering
  • compact and robust case made of powder coated steel
  • Polish production CE certification allowing for use in the European Union
  • 2 years warranty after sales service.
  • ozonation of car air conditioning (removal of unpleasant odors, fumigation of air conditioning)
  • decontaminating and refreshing the interior of vehicles (removal of smells including the smell of cigarettes)
  • decontamination of apartments, gyms, saunas and other rooms (rooms up to 100 m3)
  • removal of mold, fungi and spores, bacteria, mites and other pathogens
  • air refreshing, removing of any odors (mustiness, animal odors, tobacco odors, spilled milk, etc.)
  • decontamination of upholstery, rugs, bedding, clothes and other items (e.g. destroys dust mites)
  • removing odors from refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners
  • decontamination of facilities for animals such as kennels, pens, aviaries, lofts (rooms up to 100 m3)
  • ozone output: 7 g / h (7000 mg / h)
  • ozone flow (fan efficiency) within the 190 m 3 / h (112 CFM)
  • ozone technology corona discharge
  • power 110 W
  • electrodes lifetime: 6 000 hours (depending on pollution and humidity)
  • additional functions: removable dust filter 30 ppi
  • housing model: OZ-5, powder coated steel
  • dimensions (length x width x height) - 300x170x170 mm
  • weight 3.5 kg
  • built-in timer: no.
Due to the continuous development of our products, we reserve the right to modify certain technical parameters.

Ozone Generator OZONIZER was designed to serve you for years. Its production uses only the highest quality materials. However, in the case of substantiated claims, we provide a repair or replacement parts. We also offer after sales service of ozonators.

This guarantee is offered in addition and does not restrict rights specified by the current and future law. In particular, it does not exclude, limit or suspend the consumer's rights arising from the lack of conformity.

General Warranty Conditions

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User manual

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Other instructions

Example guide of rooms ozonation

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Declaration of Conformity

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Certificate of Institute of Communications

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Ozonator Ozonizer 7

Ozonator perfect for ozonization of air conditioning systems and interiors of larger vehicles and small premises
  • ozonation of air conditioning and premises up to 100 m3
  • efficiency of 7 g/h (70000 mg/h)
  • ozone flow of 190 m3/h
  • 2 electrodes 3.5 g/h powered by 2 high voltage converters
  • each electrode powered by its own high-voltage converter
  • electrode replacement without soldering
  • long life - 4 years in case of work around 4 hours a day

Ozonator design

  • Ozone electrodes inside the ozonator housing powered by high-voltage converter generate corona discharge,
  • efficient fan creates a large airflow through the electrodes,
  • air flow provides oxygen and cools the electrodes,
  • oxygen contacts discharges and turns into ozone, which is distributed around the ozoned room.

Ozonators Efficiency

OZONIZER ozonators and efficiency

Ozonators efficiency we determine based on data of producer of ozone electrodes that emit corona discharge and are at the heart of our ozonators.

We use two types of electrodes with nominal capacities of 3.5 g/h and 5 g/h:

  • OZONIZER 7 - 2 electrodes 3.5 g/h (7 g/h)
  • OZONIZER 10 - 2 electrodes 5 g/h (10 g/h)
  • OZONIZER 14 - 4 electrodes 3.5 g/h (14 g/h)
  • OZONIZER 20 - 4 electrodes 5 g/h (20 g/h)
  • OZONIZER 28 - 8 electrodes 3.5 g/h (28 g/h)

Ozone efficiency may vary depending on the conditions of use, in particular oxygenation, humidity, pollution and air temperature. The manufacturer measures ozone concentration at temperature <= 10°C and humidity <= 10%.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone treatment is effective method of disinfection without using chemicals.

  • mold removal of vehicle air conditioning and the interior
  • decontamination, fumigation of rooms
  • removing unpleasant odors
  • removal of bacteria and other pathogens
  • removing molds, fungi and their spores

Our customers

OZONIZER ozonators are eagerly bought by:
  • owners of houses and flats
  • workshops and car washes
  • construction and cleaning companies
  • hotels and pensions
  • transportation companies
Customers like, above all, performance, ease of use and reliability of ozonizer ozonators.
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