Ozone - one of the most effective disinfectants
Ozone is used in many different industries. Effectively destroys bacteria and other pathogens.
Ozonation - a modern, ecological method of decontamination
A clean and healthy air in your home. Effective removal of odors, mold and fungi, allergens and dust mites.
Air conditioning ozonation - a natural and safe way of decontamination
Ozone sanitizes, without use of chemicals, both air-conditioning system as well as interior of a car.


OZONIZER company is a manufacturer of ozonators. Ozonator also known as ozone generator is used to do ozone treatment ie cleaning and decontamination with ozone. Our ozonators are entirely designed and made in Poland. Our experience in production dates back to 2010.

What sets us apart?

OZONIZER ozonators are made from finest materials and components. Taking care of the details we do our best to make them high quality and serve you for years. Our ozonators are high efficiency, high ozone flow, ease of use, reliability, and warranty servicing in Poland.

Ozone treatment

Ozone treatment is a modern, ecological decontamination method without the use of chemicals. Ozone is a highly effective disinfectant. As a very strong oxidant is capable of destroying bacteria, mites, molds and fungi and other pathogens, e.g. some viruses and many other chemicals for example odors.


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What is ozone treatment?

Ozone treatment is method of decontamination without the use of chemicals where the disinfectant is ozone, a naturally occurring gas with strong oxidizing properties.

Ozone treatment is an ideal way anywhere in the immediate human environment is required for microbiological purity and sterility and to obtain an environment free from undesirable odors and various pathogens.

Ozonation is an excellent and environmentally friendly method that not only sterilize areas where you are but will let you get rid of any unwanted odors from your surroundings. Ozonation is a safe method, and its main advantage is physical removal of all odors rather than masking them.

Kindergartens, nurseries, schools

Kindergartens, nurseries, and schools are places where children are more vulnerable to various infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Viruses and bacteria may be present in the air, equipment of room and toys.

What is the strength of ozone?

Ozone has a strong and quick action on pathogenic bacteria, like Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium, Cryptosporidium, and also shows great ability of disposal spores, cysts and many other pathogens.

Bactericidal activity exhibits already in a concentration of 13μg/dm3. The bactericidal action of ozone is about 50 times more efficient and 3000 times faster than chlorine.

Unlike other chemicals ozone acts destructive not only on living microorganisms, but also to some viruses. Attacking and oxidizing the cell walls of microorganisms, ozone reacts with microscopic organisms of bacteria, viruses and fungi, causing their destruction. In addition, ozone also removes vapors of organic substances such as solvents, gasoline, lacquers, paints, natural and synthetic oils and many others

Decontamination of food warehouses

Ozone decontamination of vehicle cooling, freezing, cold storage, refrigerated cabinets and entire shops. Ozone treatment of rooms where food is stored increases its life.

Mold removal of rooms, apartments, houses

Mold removal and refreshing of accommodation and service spaces (kitchen, bathrooms, attics, basements). Decontamination of warehouses, shops, offices, of social facilities: smoking rooms, cloakroom, changing rooms, toilets.

What is ozone, how it works?

  • ozone consists of three oxygen atoms
  • binding of the third atom of oxygen is extremely unstable
  • in a short time from creation ozone breaks down
  • released, single atom of oxygen, reacts strongly with its surroundings
  • ozone has very strong oxidizing properties
  • during decay, ozone oxidizes allergens, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens and many chemicals
  • ozone provides decontamination and elimination of odors origin of both organic and inorganic.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone treatment is effective method of disinfection without using chemicals.

  • mold removal of vehicle air conditioning and the interior
  • decontamination, fumigation of rooms
  • removing unpleasant odors
  • removal of bacteria and other pathogens
  • removing molds, fungi and their spores

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