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  • ozonation of apartment interior, room, utility room, basement, garage, etc.
  • odor removal of burning, musty, smoke, sweat, animals and other
  • removal of mites, fungi, bacteria and other pathogens e.g. some viruses without the use of chemicals
  • getting rid of mold and fungal spores
  • we use professional ozonators – high efficiency
  • price depends on the specific case
  • ozone treatment we do in the cities of: Gorzów Wielkopolski


Ozone treatment of premises decontamines their atmosphere. Ozonation allows you to remove from the air and objects in the room, life-threatening bacteria, fungal spores, molds and other pathogens e.g. some viruses or allergens such as mites. Invaluable advantage of this method is the removal odors. Ozone also removes all odors like mustiness, the smell of cigarettes, sweat, burning, animal, or the smells of paints, glues, varnishes, etc.

Ozonation is mainly used for cleaning rooms Ozone removes odor of paints and adhesives arisen after the renovation or smell of new furniture. Used after an illness of one of the household ozone effectively destroys all bacteria. Ozone disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning prevents the spread of fungi, mold, and dust mites, as well as diseases and viruses Ozone is widely used – ozonation can be done in apartments, houses, warehouses, hospitals, cold stores, doctors’ offices, dental surgeries, beauty and hairdressing salons, hotel rooms, cottages, gyms, cloakrooms, bars, restaurants, basements, attics etc.


Ozone treatment is one of the most effective methods of disinfection. Ozone has a strong bactericidal – about 50 times more efficient and 3000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone is not covering up, but removes dangerous microorganisms and odors.

Ozone is a gas that is produced in a natural environment, its function is to safe oxidation substances hazardous to health. Ozone treatment is the organic method, which does not leave any side effects, nor cause allergic reactions – properly done is harmless to humans and the environment. In contrast, the treatment that is repeated at least twice a year improves the quality of life of allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as kills irritant fungi, molds and allergens.

ozonowanie pomieszczeń