Ozonizers OZONIZER are professional devices that could produce high concentrations of ozone. These concentrations are much higher than acceptable for the environment in which human may reside. Due to so high performance of our ozone generators it is necessary to take the necessary precautions during their use.

Ozone in high concentrations is highly toxic! For safety reasons, ozone treatment should be performed by qualified personnel, taking all necessary precautions Persons wishing to do ozone treatments we recomend special training or familiarity with the relevant literature.

All produced by our company ozonators comply with the requirements and regulations of the European Union They also have required in its class safeguards. But the condition of safety is skillful their use.

  • During ozone treatment people and animals are not allowed to stay but if this is necessary the residence time should be shortened to a minimum and protective clothing and masks with charcoal must be used.
  • Do not use ozone in the environment of flammable gases or explosives.
  • During ozone treatment it is prohibited to smoking, working with open fire, work with tools that cause flame or spark, working with with oil and grease, or leaving objects soiled with oil or grease.
  • Ozone treatment should not be performed by people with impaired sense of smell.
  • Prior to entry into room being ozone must be placed clearly visible inscription plate that says: NO ENTRY – DISINFECTION.
  • After the ozone treatment procedure, the room should be ventilated for a period of 15 to 30 minutes or do not come to it sooner than after 2 hours of completion of decontamination.
  • You should never produce more ozone than is needed for the application.
  • Unit operator is responsible for its use and behavior precautions.
  • Short-term breathing of ozone in high concentrations and prolonged breathing of ozone at lower concentrations may cause negative physiological effects. Do not breathe ozone directly from the ozone generator.

Manufacturer is not responsible for any damages or injury caused by ozone generators, which may arise from their use by the user. You are responsible for ensuring that the product is properly operated and stored.


Impact O3 Concentration value [ppm] Value calculated on [mg/m3]
Allowable concentration of ozone in the workplace upon exposure 8h 0,05-0,1 ppm 0,107 – 0,2 mg/m3
Odor smell – average 0,02 ppm 0,04 mg/m3
Odor smell – depending on the properties of the organism 0,01-0,04 ppm 0,02-0,086 mg/m3
Minimum concentration causing irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, headache, shortness of breath od 0,1 ppm od 0,2 mg/m3
Breathing disorders, decreased absorption of oxygen, breathing disorders, general fatigue and chest pain, dry cough 0,5-1,00 ppm 1,07-2,14 mg/m3
Headache, impaired breathing, drowsiness, severe pneumonia with prolonged exposure 1-10ppm 2,14- 21,4 mg/m3
Danger to life and health 10 ppm 21,4 mg/m3
Mortal concentration for small animals within 2 hours 15-20 ppm 32,1-42,8 mg/m3
Lethal concentration in a few minutes above 1700 ppm above 3 638 mg/m3

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