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What is ozone and how it works ?

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Ozone (O3), sometimes called "active oxygen", is a gas whose molecule contains three, instead of two oxygen atoms, such as oxygen, which we normally breathe. In other words, ozone is oxygen (O2) with additional oxygen atom.

Ozone, being a very unstable gas, is rapidly converted to its original form that is oxygen (O2) and a third released oxygen atom reacts with the substance on which the ozone works. Ozone is therefore an excellent disinfectant, one of the strongest known to man.

How long does the ozone last?

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As soon as ozone is created in ozonator and dispersed in a room, it will start to revert back to oxygen.

This process occurs by several phases including the following: oxidation reactions with an organic material such as odors or smoke, reactions with bacterias, viruses, molds etc., which again consumes ozone by oxidation reactions. Due to the fact that ozone reacts with these and many other compounds, the ozone concentration decreases rapidly. Additionally ozone breaks down thermally, that is higher temperatures destroy ozone quicker than lower temperatures.

What is the strength of ozone?

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Ozone has a strong and quick action on pathogenic bacteria, like Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium, Cryptosporidium, and also shows great ability of disposal spores, cysts and many other pathogens.

Bactericidal activity exhibits already in a concentration of 13μg/dm3. The bactericidal action of ozone is about 50 times more efficient and 3000 times faster than chlorine.

Unlike other chemicals ozone acts destructive not only on living microorganisms, but also to some viruses. Attacking and oxidizing the cell walls of microorganisms, ozone reacts with microscopic organisms of bacteria, viruses and fungi, causing their destruction. In addition, ozone also removes vapors of organic substances such as solvents, gasoline, lacquers, paints, natural and synthetic oils and many others

Ozonizer Ozonators

Ozonizer Ozonators

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High durability of ozonators ensures lack of unnecessary electronics such as operating hours counters, timers or microprocessor controllers and affects their attractive prices.

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