Ozone treatment is method of decontamination without the use of chemicals where the disinfectant is ozone, a naturally occurring gas with strong oxidizing properties.

Ozone treatment is an ideal way anywhere in the immediate human environment is required for microbiological purity and sterility and to obtain an environment free from undesirable odors and various pathogens.

Ozonation is an excellent and environmentally friendly method that not only sterilize areas where you are but will let you get rid of any unwanted odors from your surroundings Ozonation is a safe method, and its main advantage is physical removal of all odors rather than masking them.

Air ozone treatment, near water ozone treatment, thanks to its effectiveness, has recently become one of the most popular methods of disinfection. The advantages of ozone as a strong oxidant are widely used by automotive sector. Ozone generator allows fumigation and decontamination of car air conditioning as well as the whole interior of the car. Ozone treatment is also becoming more common in other areas of our live.

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